Brickell City Center, Miami, USA

The CLIMATE RIBBON structure cools visitors of the shopping mall in Miami by a fresh breeze from the ocean

Realization 2015

We manufactured the steel structure named CLIMATE RIBBON for the roof of the newly constructed shopping mall in Miami. It represents an absolutely unique solution as regards protection of the shopping mall against climatic effects – developed by an international team of experts in the branches of architecture and climatology.

When science merges with art

The giant CLIMATE RIBBON structure protects visitors against severe weather conditions and, at the same time, it catches the sea breeze from the bay, thus becoming a natural air conditioning system for the whole shopping mall.

Unique features of the structure

The surface of individual plates represents a dynamic row of slanted planes located at various angles. The position of each part of a plane represents the result of a comprehensive analysis of angles of sunrays as well as flows of wind from the bay. Furthermore, the slope of each plate allows for dripping of rainwater into water tanks and its reuse. The whole steel structure is white and it makes a very elegant impression. The upper (glazed) part of the roofing structure provides protection against rain and it also serves as a partial filter of solar radiation.

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