King's Cross Railway Station, London, United Kingdom

We manufactured a new magic cloak for the railway station in London, which people know from Harry Potter films

Realization 2012

At our plant in Hustopeče, Czech Republic, we manufactured and assembled the steel structure that became the apex of the unique refurbishment of King’s Cross Railway Station in London. After five years of renovation costing 550 million pounds, the main railway station was reopened on the occasion of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

The 950 tons of steel referred to as the “Shell”

This elegant structure resembles a tree or, as the architects would have it, an inverted waterfall flowing above the heads of passengers. Londoners call it the “Shell”; it is expected that the number of passengers passing through will increase. Following an upsurge in rail travel, the main objective of the reconstruction was to enlarge the capacity of the station up to 60 million passengers a year.

Structure with the largest arc span in Europe

The breath-taking grid structure made from steel and glass, partially allowing for natural light, covers the entire 150 m-long departures concourse. It is said to be the largest in the world. Its centre is supported by a 20 m-high cone, with another 16 lower pillars along the sides.

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