Steel structures

We manufacture steel structures for a wide spectrum of applications. You can find one of our structures at King´s Cross Railway Station in London.

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We have amassed a great wealth of experience in unique projects all over the world. Please refer to our realized projects.

Thanks to our large production capacities, even massive structures get delivered at the agreed time; we manufacture structures every month with a total weight of approx. 1000 tons.

We have been conducting our business for 29 years, and since the very beginning we have founded our progress on high quality and reliability. Check out our certificates.

In addition, we make provide surface treatment for steel: blasting, coating and hot-dip galvanizing.

Where you can use
our steel structures?

Steel building structures Šedý šestiúhelník

Steel building structures

We manufacture steel structures for halls, chemical, metallurgical and machine engineering operations, textile factories, glass works and other operations, as well as steel structures for power plants, heating plants and incinerators, agricultural, sports, cultural and social buildings, steel structures for exhibition pavilions, shopping centres, car showrooms, service centres, commercial premises, hangars, large-capacity or automated car parks, petrol stations and penthouses on top of apartment buildings.

Additional steel structures Šedý šestiúhelník

Additional steel structures

We also manufacture crane tracks, platforms, footbridges, ramps, staircases, piping and utility bridges, warehouse steel structures and shelves, and other special steel structures.

Installation and building accessories Šedý šestiúhelník

Installation and building accessories

Upon customer requests, we also ensure installation works and all basic building accessories such as sheathing, gates, doors, windows, skylights, daylighting sheets and other building features.

Examples of our realized projects


Brickell City Centre<br>Miami, USA

Brickell City Centre
Miami, USA

We manufactured the steel structure named CLIMATE RIBBON for the roof of the newly constructed shopping mall in Miami. It represents an absolutely unique solution as regards protection of the shopping mall against climatic effects – developed by an international team of experts in the branches of architecture and climatology.

King's Cross Railway Station, London, United Kingdom

King's Cross Railway Station, London, United Kingdom

We manufactured a unique steel structure resembling the crown of a tree for the newly renovated King´s Cross Railway Station building in London.

The railway station was reopened on the occasion of the Summer Olympics in 2012.

Waterpark Aquacolors, Porec Croatia

Waterpark Aquacolors, Porec Croatia

We produced (and assembled on site) all structures for the completely new, largest aquapark in Croatia. The structure of the Magicone toboggan represents one of the most interesting features.

Berlin Brandenburg International Airport <br /> Germany

Berlin Brandenburg International Airport

The steel structures for 500 huge windows at the new airport in Berlin were manufactured in Hustopeče, Czech Republic. We delivered these windows (with a total weight of 350 tons) together with seals for glass.

Musée des Confluences <br />Lyon, France

Musée des Confluences
Lyon, France

The museum is located at the confluence of the Saône and Rhône rivers, at the centre of Lyon. The building consists of two interconnected units, i.e. the Cloud and the Crystal, which embody the main idea of the entire building – the confluence between ever-changing knowledge with a solid and measurable structure.

Multi-purpose stadium Akwa Ibom Stadium, Nigeria

Multi-purpose stadium Akwa Ibom Stadium, Nigeria

We produced a formidable façade (700 steel plates, total weight: 600 tonnes) for one of the largest African stadiums. 

Hyundai plant <br />Nošovice, Czech Republic

Hyundai plant
Nošovice, Czech Republic

We produced (and assembled on site) steel structures for the pressing plant and paint shop (total weight: 3,800 tonnes) for one of the biggest car manufacturing companies operating in Central Europe.

US Air Force Academy<br /> in Colorado, USA

US Air Force Academy
in Colorado, USA

For the US Air Force Academy we constructed a spectacular steel structure for its ceremonial auditorium. At the centre of the building towers a skylight - a huge vertical compass pointing directly to the North Star.

Doha Education City<br/>Doha, Qatar

Doha Education City
Doha, Qatar

We have manufactured a total of eighteen futuristic tram stops for Doha Education City – extensive campus for science and education on the outskirts of edge of Doha, the capital of Qatar. This unique joint project is part of the construction of the first tram route in Qatar.

Showcase Cinema de Lux <br/>Southhamton<br/>Great Britain

Showcase Cinema de Lux
Great Britain

Beautiful, architectonically refined steel forms the shell of the currently most modern multiplex cinema in Great Britain.

Ledvice Power Plant <br />Czech Republic

Ledvice Power Plant
Czech Republic

We produced (in several stages) steel structures for 14 buildings in the new 660 MW power unit of the Ledvice Power Plant. 

Jaguar Land Rover<br />Nitra, Slovakia

Jaguar Land Rover
Nitra, Slovakia

For the manufacturer of prime vehicles - Jaguar Land Rover – we have produced steel construction elements for the welding hall, 2300 tons, and assembly hall, 3100 tons. 


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Available production capacities


Our extensive production capacities and long years of experience guarantee excellent conditions for the realization of your projects, irrespective of their size.


In Hustopeče u Brna, we have:

experienced and qualified personnel

large manufacturing and storage areas


ample machinery equipment

conditions to perform various surface treatments: blasting, coating, hot-dip galvanizing



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