Our massive structures bear the multicolour network of water attractions in the largest Croatian aquapark.

Realization 2015

The new Aquacolors Aquapark was opened in Porec, Croatia, on the Istria Peninsula in Spring 2015. The Aquacolors Aquapark, which forms a part of our SIGNUM family, is one of the largest and best equipped premises of its kind in southern Europe.

Adrenaline and relaxation for the whole family

Both families with children and lovers of excitement and adrenaline sports will find something great here. As many as 11 toboggans of various shapes and lengths were constructed on the area of 7.5 hectares. Most of them are interesting not only because of the adrenaline experiences during the slides but also as regards the construction-related solutions.

We were building the whole aquapark in Istria from 2012 and we constructed also all the structures, including their assembly directly in Porec. In addition to the toboggans, the water park offers also numerous other attractions which guarantee perfect relaxation. A 500m long lazy river – one of the longest in Europe – meanders through the greenery. The large pool with a pebble beach perfectly simulates dashing of waves. A children’s pool with slides, climbing frames and water fountains is prepared for the youngest visitors.

The Magicone giant with its canary yellow colour

The most interesting (as well as the strangest) attraction, also considering the construction-related aspects, is the dominant part of the water park, the Magicone toboggan. A rider is, during the ride in this gigantic attraction, thrown into a 29 metre wide funnel, which is supported by a giant steel structure. The funnel featuring the shape of a tilted cone with elliptical supports (dimensions: 29 x 22m at the entrance and 18 x 13 m at the exit section) consists of 187 plastic panels. The whole colossus is supported by a robust structure consisting of nine elliptical tubular space frames. The structure was assembled from seamless steel pipes (dimensions: 48.3 x 4mm to 139.7 x 5mm, quality: S 235, total weight: 70 tonnes). Manufacturing of Magicone was performed gradually, in accordance with assembly-related requirements. It was produced on the basis of a 3D model designed by the supplier of the plastic section. Considering the absence of complete drawings of the steel structure and with respect to the highly demanding geometry and surface treatment of the structure, which did not allow for any additional interventions at the construction site, all the elliptical frames and pylons were supplied pre-assembled.

We produced steel structures for the Hyundai pressing plant and paint shop

Realization 2006

In 2006 Hyundai, a Korean company, completed the biggest foreign investment project in the Czech Republic – by the means of construction of its car manufacturing plant. Construction of the plant was completed in a record-breaking time – only 19 months passed between erection of the first pillar in April 2007 and beginning of the serial production. Our company produced and supplied steel structures for the pressing plant and paint shop for new vehicles. The total weight of both the structures was 3,800 tonnes.

Steel structures for new power plants 660 MWE

Realization 2010 - 2012

We produced steel structures for 9 buildings in the superpower unit of the power plant

In total, we produced steel structures for 9 new buildings in the new power unit (total weight: OK approx. 1,300 tonnes).

New production halls for a manufacturer of luxury automobiles

Realization 2017

For the manufacturer of prime vehicles - Jaguar Land Rover – we have produced steel construction elements for the welding hall, 2300 tons, and assembly hall, 3100 tons.

The project involved the construction of this automobile manufacturer’s first production plant on the European continent, i.e., outside of Great Britain.